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Ready to add quality products to your Amazon inventory?!

Unlike traditional lists coming from algorithmic software, we offer you manually searched leads. Our leads usually have limited supply and are not generated through sourcing software.  This basically means = better sell-through = higher-quality inventory. Goodbye, generic leads. Hello practical ones!

Telling you from the experience of a business six years and going, these leads helped our growth amazingly. As an eight-figure seller on Amazon, we built our own software and team to access these deals quickly and efficiently. It has been one of our main sources of inventory for the past three years. Selling thousands of units per month originally purchased on Amazon, and we continue to grow through them. In this group, we will be sharing the leads that helped to get us to where we are.

Amazon is one of the premier sources for finding deals across the web. They have the largest collection of products across any online website as well as the largest collection of sellers. This creates a very large market for finding deals on many different categories from many different sellers competing with each other. There will be all different kinds of deals from printers to shoes.

A few great features on Amazon:

  • Easy return process
  • Free quick shipping
  • Covers the cost of return shipping (if its an error from them)
  • Guarantee of all third party sellers
  • 5% extra Cashback through their card
  • NO SALES TAX (must submit tax exempt)
  • Limits the quantity for items meaning competition will not be able to access large amounts from Amazon, longer-lasting deals, and fewer competition.

What to expect?!

  • 200 deals/month and more
  • Deals posted instantly through the day
  • A diverse collection of categories
  • 25% ROI at least and 5$ MIN profit labor fees (1.5$) and shipping fees (0.5$/lb) included in the calculation to give a reasonable estimate
  • Sales within the target price we post at, so realistic profit projections
  • Sales rank within the top 1% of its category
  • Notes and details posted with leads when needed
  • Access to all previous information through our exclusive Facebook group
  • Leads we actually buy and run our business on. NO BLUFF to meet "leads target"


This membership will give you immediate access to Amazon deals. In essence, you will be added to a telegram group that will have the deals posted in it throughout the day. You will also be joining an exclusive Facebook group that has relevant content added to a telegram group that will have the deals. These deals have the potential to be resold/flipped back onto Amazon for a profit. very often has great deals that have high chances for profit. These deals will be posted throughout the day as soon as we can, usually within minutes after it gets posted on

As mentioned above, we personally use the deals and contents we post in this group to run and continue to run our business. There is a one-week full money-back trial. We will personally guarantee that you will be able to pay the membership price with just a few days' worths of deals otherwise full refund. 

After subscribing, please PM Jasim Eisa ( with your associated gumroad email. You should be added to the group within 24 hours.


All memberships include a 1 week free trial
$145 a month

Amazon deals group

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